What Their Customers Are Saying ?

Hycite - Thank You….

Hi, my name is Karen. I’m really happy of purchasing this product because it does everything I need: cooks fast, saves money and keeps the food warm… There’s only one thing, it costs less than its real value! Thank you for existing, Hycite! -Karen, Lansing, Illinois Read more

Hycite - I Love how my food tastes…

When I heard about the Hycite products, I thought they were just like any other that I had seen, but I fell in love with them because they are so beautiful. I asked my husband to buy them for me. To please me, he did. I must confess I’m not a very good cook, and sometimes I used to struggle when I made chicken because my husband didn’t like the way it tasted. When I got my 7-piece cookware set and my 3-piece skillet set, I started to cook and... Read more

Hycite - They’re easy to use and save time.

Hello… I have had some Hycite products for two years and I love them. Since my husband bought them for me, cooking has been much easier; the food stays warm for a longer time. I can cook early in the day and it remains warm for hours. It’s one of the best gifts my husband has given me; we are a young couple and having these products makes everything simpler… They’re easy to use and save time. -Miriam Q., Largo, Florida Read more
Hycite's reply to:

Dear Customer......Hy-cite has been in business since 1959. We have millions of happy customers. Our products are are not sold in retail stores. We invited you and your fiance to a 90 minute cooking seminar in exchange for a promotional gift package.... No Purchase was...
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